Radius Gallery, Santa Cruz -- June/July 2018.

Light//Form weaves art and technology to create an interactive experience tied to the San Lorenzo River data driving the sculpture River Motion*. This exhibition provides new ways for participants to connect with their surrounding environments. Sensors located within Radius will allow viewers’ motion to influence some of the pieces, including a projected version of the Soquel Bridge and data being used in the physical installation. Other compositions focus on the physical use of light to create shape and environment. Light//Form invites other artists in sound and dance to create within the installation.

Selected Creative Work

Creative Direction

  • Co-Creative, Design Logic's Bobby Tarantino II vs. Everybody Tour (2018)

  • Co-Creative Director (Content & Design) Logic's Everybody Tour (2017)

Installation & Production

  • River Motion, public installation light art sculpture, Santa Cruz, CA 2018 - 2019

  • Light//Form at Radius Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA (2018)

  • Multimedia experience accepted into SCATfest 2017, dates postponed